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Wolf dogs For Sale. Wolf Dog Puppies Wolf Dogs Since 1973

Sedona (Female)Wolfdog Born 2004 mate of Samson.
Sedona (female) 100 lbs. 32" tall at the shoulders.
Arctic Timberwolf Line.
Samson (male) Wolf Dog Born 2003. Mate of Sedona
Samson (male) 135 lbs
Arctic Trundra Line - 34" tall at the shoulder.
How close to a real wolf do you dare own? If you want the closest thing on earth to a real northern tundra wolf, we have a true wolf dog for you at Wolf Zone 1.

Yes, man can develop a working relationship with a wolf but its hard work! We have strived to breed our wolf dogs so that they look identical to wild wolves from the far north in appearance and stature. Their forefathers were bred in the northern forests and tundra by indigenous peoples and trappers who mixed sub arctic and arctic wolves with Indian and Inuit sled dogs. We found the forefathers of our wolf dogs in the northern forests and tundra regions of Alaska, Northern BC, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Ellesmere Island. We chose our original dogs because they looked like real wolves despite their mixed heritage.

Decades ago we searched for and found first generation wolf dog mixes in these northern regions or that we learned had come directly from these regions. We started a breeding program in the early eighties that has continued until today. Our Wolf Zone1 wolf dogs have the look of the wild wolves that originally lent their genes to our different lines. Occasionally a puppy is born with a husky or Indian dog face, but very rarely. Wolfzone 1 puppies are born looking just like their original wolf ancestors. We have created a species of wolf dog that looks entirely like the original wolf but that can also become man's best friend (with an extraordinary amount of hard work and devotion). As an example, we have one of our puppies, now standing 30" tall at the shoulders, and 100 lbs at ten months of age, living in a northern latitude in the wilderness. It doubles as a trained sled dog one day and a photographer's model the next!

As one travels north and west to the far reaches of North America, north of white tail deer latitudes, moose grow taller and heavier than anywhere else in the world. So do the wolves. The largest moose and the largest wolves live in the Northwest Territories, the Yukon and Alaska. Being from the far northwest of North America, our wolf dogs generally have thicker coats, larger feet, longer noses and are longer legged than southern timber wolves that in most cases are much smaller and have been proven in DNA studies to have mixed naturally with coyotes.

We offer a wolf dog that is capable of being the central member in a traditional relationship between man and dog but don't kid your self - there is enough wolf in our lines that the process of creating and maintaining a strong "man dog" relationship requires constant work and attention. Our wolf dogs are not family type dogs. Their need to be outside is so strong that its impossible to live with them inside. They like to visit with you but they will soon climb the walls if you keep them inside. They must be outside and penned.

Our wolf dogs are not entirely like dogs. Their natural independent nature and their instincts to be hunters and to roam and be free are very strong. As you work with and train your wolf dog, it may never seem to need or want affection but don't stop giving it. This is the wolf's independent nature. It will take it but not respond. Then, one day and only occasionally, if you have loved your dog properly, it will smother you with kisses and love. This is your reward. When it happens, the thrill is all consuming. From that moment on, you will always know what your wolf is feeling, even if it seldom shows it. You are now in the 'Zone' with your wolf and you always will be as long as you keep up the good work.

Training and civilizing a Wolf Zone wolf dog requires hours per day from the age of two weeks to six months of age and an hour or two per day of attention and training after that. More hours are needed most weekends if you want to develop and maintain a strong bond between man and dog. They are shy and will not accept strangers. You will not be able to show off your dog to your friends, take it in public or invite strangers to approach it. Your wolf dog will respond to you but no one else. It cannot be managed or handled by anyone else until you have proven its reliability a hundred times. Their shyness and fear of man is a natural wolf instinct. That's how they have survived. If your carefully trained and loved wolf dog escapes your control, it will roam for hours and then it will return to you because it needs to come home. Just hope it is not shot first for simply looking like a wolf.

If you do not have the kind of time necessary to devote to our wolf dog, don't purchase one, otherwise you will create a giant problem for yourself that only a horrible, heart breaking solution will remedy.

Any dog advertised as a wolf dog that is touted as being as easy to live with as any ordinary dog is more dog than wolf or is simply a fraud. Wolf Zone 1 wolf dogs are 'hard work' but if you want the closest thing on earth to a real northern tundra wolf, we have a true wolf dog for you at Wolf Zone 1.


Mika, a wolfdog from the Alaska Interio line.
Mika, A Pup From Sedona and Sampson. Click to enlarge.
We will have puppies To Follow - Watch Our Blog

We offer Wolfdogs derived from separate and distinct Wolf genealogies that stem from the Arctic Wolf, the Alaskan Timber (Interior) Wolf, the Alaska Tundra Wolf and the British Columbia Timber Wolf.

Years ago, our Wolf lines where crossed with northern Wolf hybrid sled dogs and northern trapper's Wolfdogs from Alaska, the NWT and BC.

The northern Arctic Islands, Alaska and the Northwest Territories produced the Wolfdog Hybrids you see here on our website. The Wolf hybrids we offer are the result of many years of a contiguous breeding program to create Wolf Dogs from Wolves and Wolf hybrids that was initiated in 1973.

Our Wolf hybrids are not dogs. They are Wolf hybrids that act like dogs in many ways and look entirely like their Wolf forbearers that lent them their genes but our Wolfdogs have Wolf characteristics that must be understood and managed to a far greater degree than one would devote to a dog.
Jake - Alaskan Tundra Line

While our Wolfdogs can be socialized to become a willing and loyal member of your family, they are not like dogs in all respecs It is our intent to describe to you the many features and characteristics of our Wolfdog hybrids that are similar to dogs and to also explain the characteristics of our Wolfdog hybrids that differ from the characteristics of domesticated dogs. We want you to know what to expect and how to manage and understand the needs of our highly bred Wolfdogs or Wolf hybrids.

Our insights and understanding of the relationships that must be established between an individual owner and his or her Wolfdog puppy,have been garnered from a continuous Wolfdog breeding program that started in 1973 that included both Wolves and wolfdog hybrids.

Wolfdog puppies for our 2007 litter displayed below. We now have puppies as of February 21, 2008.

Click Here To View Some Wolfzone1 adult and young adult wolvedogs from various lines.

WolfZone 1 Puppies - Now Available For Adoption


Wolves are exceptional animals.  They do not make good pets, however... they can make a true friend if much planning is made way in advance, and proper research is done by the potential family of the new pup.  This takes away the surprises and allows you to know exactly what to do and what to expect from a new Wolf pup and a growing Wolf.


About WolfZone 1 Wolfdogs As Pets

"Snowflake" and "Samson"

From a (Rick Halvorson) Artic genetic line.
(Female) 80 lbs and about 32" tall
These animals are definitely not for everyone.  They are high maintenance animals, and require a large and extremely secure enclosure.  I recommend at least a 30 x 30 ft. area with a very heavy gage fence and the fence being at least 8 ft. tall.  You need an electrical wire on the bottom and top perimeter, or you need a top and bottom on the fence.  Wolfdogs are escape artists, and can break out very easily. 
A Wolf positively cannot be allowed to roam free unsupervised.  Wolves are territorial animals and are used to roaming very large areas as their territories.  A wolfdog might roam several miles if left out.  Your wolfdog is bound to get into trouble, and can get ran over or shot by a neighbor.

Smile for me Jake!!

Big Jake trying to help me up.
Wolfdogs are very large and powerful animals, and they are intimidating to the average person.  Contrary to popular belief, Wolves are not aggressive towards humans.  And.....since they are not, they do not make a watch dog.  They are however, very powerful animals with jaw strength rated close to that of a bear.  Several small groups of Wolves in the wild have actually been documented attacking and killing Kodiak and Grizzly bears that were trying to steal their kills.  These documentations were by people in Alaska and Canada.

A wolfdog will bond very close to its new family, as you will bond to your pup.  It is important to spend a lot of time with your wolfdog every day.  They will love everyone in your immediate family but will usually pick one person that they adore the most.  This is usually the person that spends the most time with them.

WolfZone 1 pups.


It is important to get the pup at a very young age.  I recommend you picking up your pup at 3-4 weeks of age.  Choosing the right person to get your pup from is also essential.  Ask a lot of questions.  If possible, visit the compound.  You want to see the conditions and quality of the establishment.  Beware of the backyard breeders.  These are people who breed only for profit, and house their animals in small pathetic cages.  Also....beware of these people who have 20, 30, and 40 or more animals.  These are definitely signs of puppy mills as there is no way to spend adequate time with this many animals and no way to efficiently give proper healthcare to such a large mob.
"Samson" & "Sedona" pups.
"Samson" & "Sedona" pups.

"Samson" & "Sedona" pups.

WolfZone 1 Adults





A Wolf that lacks proper time being spent with it is living a second rate life.  I screen my potential homes for my pups very discerningly.  It is best to raise a pup in a secluded quiet area, not in a big city.  Wolves do not like strangers and are afraid of loud noises.  They are 1 family type animals.  Wolfdogs are cold weather animals and love the snow.  Their coats of hair grow better in colder climates, climates that get snow in winter.  Wolfdogs can adapt to warmer climates but they hate hot, humid climates in states such as Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, etc.  They will never grow a very good coat of hair in these climates.  I am always happiest when my pups go to people who live in states that get snow in winter.


It is warm in my state in north Texas, but the humidity is low and we have cold winters.  Wolves drink a lot of water, and most like to swim.  I have 80 gallon water tanks in each of my enclosures, my enclosures covering about 2 acres for my 7 animals.

Wolfdogs can eat dog food just like a dog, but it must be a soy free dog food, from a good brand, with a high fat content.  Wolfdogs need high fat in their diets.



Vet care is pretty much the same for a wolfdog.  All the same shots as a dog.  You need to worm your wolfdog once a month and start it on heartworm prevention at a very young age.  Given good health care, wolfdogs can live to be very old.  A bond between a wolfdog and its family is intense.  This is because you are the only pack that it knows.  I have had Wolves since I was 7 years old.  My parents got me started in it back in 1973.  I am 35 years old now.



It is no wonder Native American people hold the Wolf in such high regard and respect.  It has been a privilege for me to be around such majestic and intelligent creatures for such a long time.  I have several different types of wolfdogs:

  1. Alaskan Interior
  2. Alaskan Tundra
  3. Canadian Tundra
  4. BC Timber
Raising WolfZone 1 Wolf Dogs


A wolfdog, for the most part is an exotic animal.  They need to be raised in a secluded place, as you would a bear, tiger, lion, etc..  A wolfdog absolutely does not need to be in a residential area such as a suburb or any area where you have close neighbors.  People living in close areas will only cause you and your wolfdog trouble.  A Wolf is not a backyard animal.  I do not care how good a containment area you have in your backyard, when neighbors find out what you have, being ignorant as they are in regards to the Wolf, it will only lead to big problems down the road.  And in the end, it causes responsible people such as myself problems too, because of the negative publicity.  Take my advice... A wolfdog is a great pet, loving and family oriented...But...If you want to have one, do the responsible thing.  Buy yourself a secluded place in the country as we did, far from the problems of the city.  Build a very large enclosure, do the research, ask people that have 20 or more years experience raising them.  Benefit from the knowledge of these people, and you and your wolfdog will live a happy life.  If you can't move out of your residential area, buy yourself a poodle!!  If you see a wolfdog breeder, who is raising them in a residential area, tell them they are irresponsible.. and spread the word about them.

Jeanna with Gracie

Time Spent With WolfZone 1 Pups And Dogs


Wolf kiss from Jake.

Jake is a very affectionate animal.



Before you purchase a wolfdog, you need to consider this.  Do you have an adequate place to keep it?  These animals do not need to be raised in a city, or a suburb.  It is best to raise them in a quiet, secluded place.  Especially if you have nosy neighbors, and live close to people.  This can cause a lot of trouble for you and the wolfdog.  When you get in trouble with your wolfdog, it draws heat on everyone who has a wolfdog.  Most of the problems we face with wolfdogs today stem from the fact that people like this, who don't have an adequate place to raise a Wolf, never should have had one in the first place.  Some of these so called Wolf breeders will sell to anyone.  Believe me, if you have less than 12 years experience with Wolves, you do not need to be trying to breed them.  Most all problems and negative Wolf and wolfdog issues are caused from irresponsible people.  So be responsible, research the animal before you consider one!


Before You Buy A WolfZone 1 Pup

10 month old pup.

10 month old male.

I hope your experience with your new wolfdog will be as joyful and rewarding as mine has been.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the wolfdog!!



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